Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Has it really?

Well it's been three months since I've came to LA. No, wait, I am terribly sorry. I moved to Orange County. Don't say you moved to LA unless you moved to LA. I did not, and the people here don't hesitate to remind me.

So Michael, what have you been up to? Have you been playing music every night? Hanging out with celebrities? Partying on the beach?


I've been working. That right there takes up most of my days and week and whats left over is a few hours of homework and at that point, I'm tired. As far as music, you could say I dabble here and there. Most of it is just myself trying to write new songs for them to probably just sit in my computer and gather simulated dust. I did, however, get the opportunity to do a little bit of recording the other day (even though I didn't play a single thing). I also got to attend the Guitar Center's Drum Off Championship as a VIP and got to watch Darren King shred the shit out of drums for like 7 minutes straight. So two highlights in my life here so far. And the beach thing? Yea, still haven't even been to the beach. But don't get on your judgmental high horse...I didn't move here for the beach. Plus, it's been a little cold. Cold as in low 50's. Where people have to wear snow coats and a huge scarf around there face. Silly Californians.

After sitting here for about thirty minutes, watching Always Sunny on Netflix, I finally thought of something to talk about that wasn't about myself. Facebook and the internet.

Is anyone sick of the internet yet? I am (as he sits on his computer getting ready to hypocritically post a new entry into his blog). Facebook as become so damn annoying. If it wasn't for the contacts I know that live in different areas of the country that I know through music, or however the circumstance, I would delete that stupid thing. It has become polluted with worthless whining, attention starved people, exploitation, and straight up idiots. As much as I don't want to admit it, Facebook has become such a new norm that outside life is dwindling. People come on the internet and post whatever they want to potential complete strangers. Did we forget that fifteen years ago, people on the internet would barely post their age, sex, and location? Some people would barely give out there name even though there was no way to really trace it back to you. Now, people don't give a shit. Why? Could it be that the internet is actually making the human race a little dumber by the day? I guess the benefit to this is that myself and some of my friends can find stuff on the internet to use as fuel for jokes. Not very hard actually.

I'm just getting sick of it I guess. I tend to forget what the past was like when we had to communicate outside of technology. Sadly, because of my age, I guess I don't really know what it was like. But if I had the choice to go back to the 60's or stay here? I'd go back to the 60's. Or maybe the 80's. I think being old enough through the early 80's music would have been awesome. Listenin' to Steve Winwood, Judas Priest, Eagles, and all that good stuff? Sold. But deal with the crap that's around now? Over it.

Ok enough of my rambling. Until next time.