Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hello and Welcome.

This is The Grimm Outlook.

I've never "blogged" before, but I feel like being in a new city, new state, and a new atmosphere, maybe now is a better time then ever.

I had never thought about blogging before because I am not a person to speak my feelings to others (unless you are my parents, or the handful of close friends I have). But I am one to join into conversation and I sometimes will go off on a subject. Normally, I am just poorly researched and just ramble about my own feelings, never being able to get my point across until I think of something 40 minutes later. At that point, I'm not going to bring it back up. With certain subjects, though, some would say that I can have a very "negative" input on the subject, even when it is something I should enjoy. I don't care to look into what I like about it, but I like to look at what I don't like about it and why. Does this really make it negative though? Well...yes, but I'll let you be the judge.

I will start with a topic that first started the idea of me blogging. In a hotel room in Rexburg, Idaho,  the new Mumford and Sons album had came out. The drummer of my band, Ben, and the bass player, Andy, were both crowded around to listen to it. I managed to keep my ears open while surfing my phone and nothing about the album caught my attention. After Ben and Andy had shared their initial feelings, I proceed to explain that the CD (to me) was just Ehh, nothing stood out, and it was just the same thing over and over again. My opinion scale, of course, being Nah (1), Mmm (2), Ehh (3), Meh (4), and Alright (5). And people say I am negative. I was ridiculed a little for my sense of negativity over music that I should like. It was just my opinion, and that was all. Probably won't voluntarily listen to the CD, though.

And thus sparked what you see now, The Grimm Outlook. More to come.


  1. This is perfect...I mean alright

  2. I am so excited to read your blog...I look forward to being able to read about all of your adventures :)